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Elanor, the Flemish Fantasy Society was founded in 1999. It’s aim is to acquainting people with the fantasy genre in general and the works of J.R.R.Tolkien in particular.

‘Well, Sam,’ said Frodo, ‘what’s wrong with the old customs? Choose a flower name like Rose. … , and what could be better?’
‘I suppose you’re right, Mr. Frodo,’ said Sam. ‘I’ve heard some beautiful names on my travels, but I suppose they’re a bit too grand for daily wear and tear, …’

Frodo thought for a moment. ‘Well, Sam, what about elanor, the sun-star, you remember the little golden flower in the grass of Lothlórien?’
‘You’re right again, Mr. Frodo!’ said Sam delighted. ‘That’s what I wanted.’

J.R.R. Tolkien, The return of the king

To achieve our goal, we organize expositions and lectures in schools and library’s. You can find us on fantasy-gatherings like Elftopia en Behekst Diksmuide, where we try to bring Middle-earth to life and promote the books and films. We have our own periodical: Lothelanor, written by and for our members. 

For our members we organize a broad range of activities, everyone can find something fitting his taste. The Tolkien Birthday Toast on January 3 and the Tolkien Reading Day in March, of course but also a quiz, a games night,… The main purpose is having fun and talking about our common hobby.

Booklover or filmfan? Everybody is welcome!

The language of our society is Dutch but don’t let that stop you from joining one of our activities or to contact us on facebook or by email. We love to hear from you!

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