Lid worden?

Wil je lid worden van Elanor? Volg dan onderstaande stappen en het is zo gebeurd!

* Het lidgeld van 24 euro per jaar geeft recht op toegang tot 3 activiteiten per jaar. Betaling op rekeningnummer BE23 7390 1850 6991 (BIC: KRED BE BB)

* Per jaar worden er door Elanor 5 activiteiten georganiseerd. Voor de 2 andere activiteiten van dat jaar betalen leden per keer 8 euro toegang.

* Niet-leden betalen per activiteit 12 euro.

* Kinderen – 12 t/m 16 – van leden betalen per activiteit 4 euro.

* Kinderen – 12 t/m 16 –  van niet-leden betalen per activiteit 6 euro.

* Leden krijgen toegang tot een link om een volgende Lothelanor gratis te ontvangen. Wil je de Lothelanor toch nog liever op papier dan is deze per post 2 euro.

* VIP leden betalen per jaar 50 euro en krijgen toegang tot alle door Elanor zelf georganiseerde activiteiten.

One thought on “Lid worden?

  1. Alexandru Marian Stefan


    First of all I have to mention that I got a great respect for Tolkien and for the new world that he created.
    I am so grateful that I could read his writings and meet his world.
    I am also grateful that you, wonderful people, made these Tolkien Societies.
    Congratulations, you have all my respect!

    I am a student from Romania who is very passionate about Tolkien’s World. I read the books, I saw the movies (one day I dream to make “The Silmarillion” movie haha).
    I wished very much to “thank” Tolkien for his wonderful legacy by creating something by myself.
    Until I will make the movie, I started my journey with a small piece of the puzzle. So I made few items for people that are as passionate about this as I am.

    So, I was wondering if you know anyone who would be interested in these? Each item has a story arround, read it here:

    I made this because I thing is my duty as a Tolkien fan to take the legacy further, pass it to the next generations and add my small mark upon it!


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